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About URCash Link

URCash Link that provides a unified cash link option. A Cash link that links you in Payments, Credit, Loans, purchase, and gives retailer to have a hassle-free POS and Inventory System.
Our apps service ensures every transaction is fast, smooth and hassle-free. Unified payment directly anywhere, access a global set of users and customers and is available locally and internationally, and you can get paid directly for your services without using any physical money. And give the user to have a faster loan process and help them to gain savings.
We are partnering with the most trusted bills payment and remittance service providers ensure every transaction is fast, smooth and hassle-free. 


To develop professional leaders who will spearhead an innovative to quick the process of remittance, money transaction, and lending industry.


To be the class leader and Cash Link industry empowering the global community in attaining financial and economic stability.

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