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A Unified Cash Link Option


Get your Cash Safer with URCash wallet. With URCash wallet you can transfer money to another person through a unique virtual address with an Easy Remittance anywhere you are.

Lending Option

Get an easy process loan With URCash Loan with a low-interest rate and with flexible terms. You can Loan up to 35,000 with payment terms from weekly, monthly or up to 12 months to pay .

Credit to Purchase

Get what you want with URCash Credit. Want to buy a new phone? Or a Gadget you wanted or even your monthly groceries? Thru URCash Credit you can buy the things you want with easy terms from 3 months up to 12 months to pay.

Payment Option

Get a Discount, Rebates or points by using URCash Pay and get an easy pay to your purchase, Load or bills payment with hassle-free services.


We Make It Easy

Coming Soon to your Smartphone 
Access it anywhere you are with URCash link mobile.


Be the First to avail our service. And get a low-interest rate on your first Loan. And get a freebie on our nationwide services opening. With URCash Link! You can make Cash  Option wider and easier.

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